Walnut Natural Edge Table 36"

This is made from one 10' piece a
friend brought into the shop. Each
end was split a few feet, ripped
apart and glued back together,
hard to tell, got to really look as I
was hoping for. The boards length
thickness was tapered, inch and
one half on end and one inch one
the other, I left it that way. Since it
is a natural edge project, why not
leave it tapered. The face of the
board was hand planed smooth
and tapered the full length.
Mortise tenon joints were cut for
the shelf and vertical legs
fastened to the top.
The man who brought this board in
was battling cancer and lost the
battle. His name is written in ink
under the top.
Natural Edge Walnut Table
8'-1" x 43" X 1 1/4"  thick
This wood came from Casey
County Ky. The top is four pieces
glued together, using biscuits. The
two outside pieces are book
matched, the two inside are also.
The Walnut was kiln dried in a
solar powered kiln.
Project is finished with eight coats
of Watco oil, covered with many
coats of clear polyurethane. Finally
rubbed out with 1600 grit Scotch
Brite pads.